Consultation Services

Terrain Designs can provide design ideas and solutions for your site without the expense of detailed drawings. We can also prepare a list of plant materials that is appropriate for your landscape based on your individual tastes as well as your specific site conditions.
Construction Documents

Preliminary Plan

Before the final construction plans are prepared, Terrain Designs works with the client to develop the overall layout of the site and its key elements based the client’s individual needs. The designer will conceive the overall concept and prepare the master plan, from which detailed design drawings and technical specifications are prepared.

Construction Plan

Once the preliminary plan is approved by the client, Terrain Designs will prepare a complete and comprehensive planting, irrigation, lighting and hardscape construction plan detailing the layout and placement of all the necessary components required for installation. Construction plans also provide the client with a means for obtaining competitive bids from contractors.
Renderings / Color Exhibits
Terrain Designs prepares two and three-dimensional colored renderings that realistically depict the overall vision of the design. This gives the client a true picture of what the finished product will look like.