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Terrain Designs

   Whether your yard is in need of a facelift, or you’re starting from scratch
with a beautiful blank slate, Terrain Designs Innovative Landscapes is the
company to turn to for help. Heather Quaschnick, owner, founder, and operator,
has found her passion in giving Central Valley residents landscapes and
outdoor spaces they love.
   Heather has created Terrain Designs to be a complete landscape
company, working closely with her clients to execute a seamless design
experience that will leave the client loving their finished landscaping project. She
combines a unique blend of style and function — guiding clients through the
process with a variety of tools and processes, Heather addresses all aspects of
a job, from using CAD technology and 3d renderings to create computer
visualization for her design projects, working directly with construction
companies and landscapers, and doing regular walk-throughs to ensure
quality work is carried out in all aspects of the project.
   Heather is available to tackle any residential project, as well as smaller
commercial design dilemmas, and has done work throughout the Central
Valley, up into the Foothills, and into the Bay Area. She enjoys the new
challenges of designing for different spaces, design preferences, climates,
and more.
   With well over a decade of experience in the landscaping world, Heather
still approaches each new client and project with a fresh view and new
inspired ideas. She specializes in custom pool layouts and the surrounding
landscaping, living quarters, dramatic outdoor lighting systems, and much more.
She enjoys giving homeowners outdoor spaces that are both bountiful and
functional, creating beautiful designs that can also fulfill the usefulness of an
area, whether that is simply a patio area that requires comfortable and
plentiful seating, an outdoor kitchen that can handle a few cooks in the
kitchen, or a pool with plenty of beautiful areas for swimmers to enjoy the
   Heather Quaschnick of Terrain Designs can help you create the backyard.
  Check out the article at http://www.herlifemagazine.com/centralvalley/ today.

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