Find Nature as your Inspiration Go Green for the Holidays

Find Nature as your Inspiration

Go Green for the Holidays

Welcome your guests with festive entry way planters embellished with fresh greens. This is a simple and easy way to decorate your home inside and out. Everything from wreaths to garlands adorned with ribbons and lights make for a spectacular holiday look. Fresh greens fill your home with the scent of the holidays.

Terrain Designs has few suggestions to make your holiday decorating fun and festive. Start in your own garden, this is one of the best places to look, incorporate pine cones, pods and twigs even fresh or dried fruit help to create a dramatic look for the holidays. Below you will find a list of greens that can be used for your holiday decorating.

White Pine: This soft, bluish-green, long needled pine has excellent needle

retention, but wilts visibly if dry. It is readily available as per-made garlands

and wreaths

Virginia Pine: This native pine has shorter, coarser needles, and is long lasting,

With excellent needle retention

Junipers: Fragrant, short, green or silver-blue foliage that may be adorned with small blue berries. The needles are often sticky.

Firs: All firs have wonderful scent and good tolerance of hot, dry indoor conditions. The needles are short and flat with excellent color and needle retention. Fraser fir wreaths and swags are commonly available from commercial sources.

Spruce: Wreaths are the main use for spruce greens. The branches are stiff with short, sharp needles. Blue spruce is especially attractive because if its color, and it holds its needles better than other spruce cultivars.

Ivy: This vigorous vine is readily available in many yards. It makes an excellent green for holiday arrangements. It will wilt quickly if the cut ends are not kept in water.

Holly: This most traditional holiday green comes in several forms, both green and variegated. Female plants display bright red berries.

Mountain Laurel: This is a traditional evergreen in the South for wreaths and garlands. As with other broad-leaved evergreens, however, laurel holds up best when used outdoors.

Boxwood: The small-leafed shrub is a longtime favorite for fine textured wreaths and garland. It has an aroma that is either loved or hated. Be sure to test it before you use, just in case you don’t care for the fragrance.

Magnolia: The large leaves are a glossy, dark green that contrast well with the velvety, brown undersides. Magnolia leaves make stunning wreaths and bases for large decorations. The leaves hold up very well without water.


Before decorating with your greens, soak them in a tub of water overnight to allow them to absorb water.

  • Add greens to a decorative pot for a table arrangement.
  • Tie together fresh greens accented with a festive holiday bow that can be place on a front door or on a mail box for a festive holiday look.
  • Fill a garden pot with fresh greens for your outdoor decorating.

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