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Terrain Design Style Dec 2012
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Terrain Designs

By Jessica Clare

Anyone who’s tried to tackle
landscaping themselves knows that
a lot more goes into it than picking
out a few plants and tearing up some
grass. Transforming your yard into the
outdoor oasis you’ve been dreaming
of takes careful planning and an eye
for aesthetics, and unfortunately, the
results don’t always match the vision.
If you’re looking for a little extra help to
make sure your outdoor re-vamp turns
out just like you want, talk to Heather
Quaschnick at Terrain Designs.

Quaschnick draws from her thirteen
years of experience designing for
landscape contractors and commercial
landscapers in coming up with
outdoor living spaces for her clients.
She’s helped design public parks and
subdivisions, but feels her talents really
get a chance to shine in residential
landscaping. “I like starting from a blank
slate. It’s challenging working from
different spaces, and I enjoy having to
use my creativity to make it work and
accommodate what people want,” says
Quaschnick. She has worked on brand
new lots and existing yards alike and
travels everywhere from the Central
Valley to Bay Area, even as far west as
Carmel to help homeowners transform
their outdoor space.

Clients can sign up for a consultation
and have Quaschnick turn her
experienced eye to their property,
take notes, and come up with a few
ideas and pointers on landscape
development, or they can hire her on

as a designer and turn her imagination
on their ho-hum space. Quaschnick is
happy to work with her clients’ requests,
whether they want to incorporate the
currently popular outdoor kitchens,
fire pits, or low water and maintenance
flora. Those who are willing to let her
completely dictate the look of their
newly-landscaped yards will be treated
to her contemporary and upscale design
style. “I like the naturalistic landscapes,
but still love the look of hedging in
some areas,” Quaschnick explains. She
compares her style to the designs you
might find at many Lodi wineries, and
hopes she’ll have a chance to try her
hand at winery landscaping in the near
Quaschnick has recently expanded
her business to include providing the
finishing touches on her design work,
like pottery and outdoor furniture,
as part of her design service, so
homeowners can get everything they’re
looking for from Terrain Designs. “I kind
of feel like the sky’s the limit,” she says.
“I like to do everything.”

For more information:
Terrain Designs
(209) 988-3137

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