Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall

Goodbye summer, hello fall!

Fall is the optimal time of year to plant, and it’s right around the corner. Annual flowers bring a punch of color to the fall and winter garden. Terrain Designs has many wonderful suggestions to add an abundance of flower and foliage color to your landscape during the fall. Below you’ll find a list of popular winter annuals that will bring cheer to the cold days. Happy Planting!


Pansies are one of the most popular and recognizable fall weather annuals. The pansy flower is two to three inches in diameter and has two slightly overlapping upper petals, two side petals, and a single bottom petal with a slight beard emanating from the flower’s center. The plant may grow to nine inches in height.


Snapdragons are charming long-time favorites. Superb in beds and as cut flowers. Incandescent colors on softly puffed spikes with a lingering fragrance. Perfect choice to add charm and color to your landscape. Snapdragons are easy to grow. You will have success if you grown them in well-drained garden soil.


Primrose enlivens your borders, pots, window sills and baskets. They offer a variety of form, size and color.

Flowering Kale-

Considered among the best of all the wonderful, cool-season plants. Flowering kale and cabbage produce foliage in brilliant, colorful shades of lavender, green, purple, pink and white. They’ll be sure to bring your garden alive.


Calendula is an easily planted annual with orange and yellow flowers and alternate leaves. They add beautiful color to beds, edgings and containers. It’s easy and rewarding to establish in any garden. A real autumn beauty!

Iceland Poppy-

The radiant white, yellow or orange flowers are individually isolated on an upright hairy stem, producing dazzling splashes of color when planted in mass. The Iceland poppy prefers light, well drained soils in full sun.


One sniff of the stock’s luxuriant fragrance and you will be utterly enchanted. The romantic beauty of this flower brings texture to garden designs, and its sweet, spicy fragrance is an added attraction. Colors range from white, cream, yellow, peach, lavender, pink, purple and burgundy.

Fall Planting for Winter Gardens~

Loads of fresh, healthy and delicious produce comes from the Fall and Winter garden. The delicious rewards of winter gardening are every bit worth the effort of stretching the season. Terrain Designs has many wonderful and tasty suggestions to make your Fall and Winter Harvest exceptional!

Some ideas for your Winter Garden include: Broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, lettuce, onions, and parsley. Also on the list are, swiss chard, snap peas, snow peas and spinage.

Heather at Terrain Designs also has tips for soil preparation for your fall plantings. This will ensure maximum growth for your Winter Garden!

  • Potting mixture: Kellogg’s or Green All 15-15-15 all purpose fertilizer.

  • Till into the top 6”to 8” of top soil of potting mix and fertilizer.

  • Grade evenly and set out the annuals approximately 8” to 12” apart.

  • Break the bottoms of the roots slightly and place in the hole without burying the crowns of the plants.

  • Compact the soil around the plant to remove any air pockets out of soil.

  • Water thoroughly and add the all purpose fertilizer.

  • You will begin to see results in approximately 3 weeks.

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